Oh, it feels so good! For real, no joke. Breaking my back 8 hours a day drawing is something I really like, taking into account that the amount and complexity of the drawings I am producing exceeds my annual production and even more. It's such a tragedy to be an architect trapped into the "modern" circuits, because that structure of work lets you so little spare time to work on the beautiful arty things that make me happy. But I am getting to know a lot of new people, new offices...or new clients, who knows?wink

Tomorrow will be the first of two days of Conor Linch, well known in the twittobubble of us Traditionals, and I caaaaaan't wait to shake his hand! He has the fame of a very good drawer and connoisseur of Classical Architecture. More than what he draws, I am curious to hear about his way of working, since there seem to be architecture offices around which still practice hand drawing and painting to present their projects.

I am writing these lines from my house in Gent, since I left the Bellem Kasteel to get home a few hours. You know, some little work to do, the mail, the garden, and some important pack to get by post. Luckily my neighbour took care of it. It was my new batch of business cards, which you won't see because anonimity is important for the activities of this website (you know, when we managed to block that monstruous "refurbishing"...). I just tell you that everyone says that the graphic of those business cards is cool. So I sit here in my garden with the laptop and a beer...chilling in the heat wave (finally some Italian climate!). Had to fix a lot of things in the garden, actually: the tomatoes are really big and heavy and need to be supported while they ripe, otherwise the whole branch can collapse, and those bloody damn caterpillars are eating up my beloved cauliflowers. Can't leave the whole thing alone for too many days.

But, waar waren we gebleven? Ah, yes, the blogging of today, yes. Here below there are some pictures with a caption!
A short morning presentation with Noé.
Nadia explaining in French the making of pigments.
Completing the drawings of the Burg (see DAY VIII)
The first bricks have just appeared! heart
My tile. I decided to remove the corners as they distract from the central figure.
Some designs of tiles hanging for comparison.
The first clay tile in the making...
This is my drawing begun in the Burg, and almost finished.
photo 2022 08 03 23 40 28
...ah, and you probably remember that I talked about a priest tunic that I bought at the flea market here in Gent the last weekend, with the mates of the workshop... it is, behold!

Ok, now it's time to sleep again...really, the days feel too short in this summer school! See you tomorrow, Conor!
Posted: 03/08/2022 23:11 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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