The new week has begun...and I have not much to blog! Not because we aren't doing anything, rather because we are just developing the new assignment, which consists in the design of a "folly" pavilion in the park of the castle, according to a specific theme and location for each one of us.
Anoush is brewing something very nice, it seems!
Mateus has a very clear idea, and goes for it.
Maxime is in full Gothic Revival mode!
This is me, still on high waters scribbling construction details...
Some early sketches of yesterday...
Views and park landscaping.

In the meanwhile, we managed to get into the donjon. This part is dedicated to @WrathOfGnon who is the best dovecote promoter on the Internet!
Don't worry, at the second attempt we managed to open and climb in.
If all the Swedes are all like this one, I'm moving immediately!
Okay, that's all for today. Tomorrow there will be another dense day of visits... you will see!
Goodnight, with this meme:
Posted: 09/08/2022 23:29 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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