SO, let me get it straight: if you want to rent a bike, make sure that you are familiar with the concepts of 25 Km and using breaks, because you don't want to crash four (4) times, only to be rescued by two mates, the former who picks you up on his bike, and the latter who rides dragging yours for the remainder of the road. No, I'm not the one who crashed, I'm the one who gave the lift.
This is what has happened today on the cycle path between Bruges and Bellem, and precisely the reason why I am quite tired, let's say about to faint.
Time is relative, as you can turn a bike ride of less than one hour into two-and-a-half, and I pretend that it's much early than what it actually is, to find some will for blogging in spite of my urge to go sleep, possibly with a loud and satisfactory snore.
Instead, I find myself with a disarrayed schedule. Originally, I planned to head back home in Gent to pick some veggies from the garden and water the plants, as well as to replenish my food stockpile, since the local supermarket seems like a jewelry store, and the available cookware in the kitchen in Bellem shrinks at inesorable pace.
Rest of the day: in Bruges, starting from our local "operative base", sketching facades and details after surveying them (also with traditional tools like a knotted rope). Then, had a walk through the city doing the same again.
Here, look at this photo gallery to get an idea:
And now, let these notes of an organ cuddle my sleep. GoodnighzZzzZzZz...

Posted: 27/07/2022 22:11 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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