On Saturday morning, here at Château Bellem, we don't sleep until late, a lecture of geometry in construction awaits!

Lesson on saturday morning —exactly as every Italian high-school student knows— is something that everyone would gladly avoid, but painfully necessary to lay the basics for our personalized tile that we all are beginning to design.
This tile should be inspired by the blue cardoon, and at first we should draw a project of it, in the form of a drawing at the scale 1 to 1.
Here, get an idea of it...
OK. Finished for today? Good. And now...barbecue party at my place, of which I post the first pictures. Later, we had a night tour of Gent by bike (that is where I live, it's just 20 minutes away from Bellem, which in turn is halfway between Gent an Bruges).
On Sunday, we visited the local flea market, one that I know very well as an old stall wolf wink. I bought a...priest tunic! (that you will soon see, I promise) and there were these two talented musicians:
After this little concert, everyone back on the train from Gent to Bellem to continue designing our tile...
See you tomorrow!
Posted: 31/07/2022 21:04 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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