Another week has passed, another weekend has come!
A very intense one, rich of action! We start on Saturday morning with a visit to the Castle, led by the young Charles, whose father is happily roaming around the property aboard his forestry vehicle in the meantime.
While strolling from room to room, Charles told us about the history of the castle and his family, displaying a remarkable knowledge of every minimal detail and a very precise vision over the works that should —and are currently— take place in the castle.
As previously said, the selection of pictures is restricted due to privacy reasons.

After this amazing visit, we headed to Gent to pass the evening and crash at my place (10 people, Conor included). Here you see a sample of the situation:
On Sunday, meeting in Bruges to hang around (NO hangovers recorded, lads!) and have a look at the flea market...
...and then to De Haan, a charming coastal location near Oostende.
It's a miracle, in more than 10 years of Belgium I never withnessed such a long period of stable, hot, summer weather with very few precipitation. And it's ideal for our sketches and visits. This time we profit from it to relax.
The buildings there follow this taste.
Fortunately they are active with traditional building!
«In Sweden we like to lay on the beach in tuxedo, drinking wine.»
Let's play Pétanque?

And this blogging is over too. I know, it's Monday already, but today didn't happen much. I even had to go to the office to finish some works, but suffice to say that the new pavilion assignment is started. You will soon see what amazing work are doing my mates!
Posted: 08/08/2022 22:37 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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