Résumé of the third weekend and the days before it.
We are getting closer and closer to the end of the Summer School and, for those who don't know how these things work, the amount of time to be spent on projects is increasing steadily, making it more difficult for me to post regularly. Moreover I have other "external disturbances" (that is, real work) to sort out. For this reason I apologize for the short hiatus in the blogging and provide a general summary of what is going on even if I haven't taken part in all of those activities. For instance, this weekend a visit to Brussels was programmed but I couldn't partake in it: had to study certain papers and pictures for the delivery of a house of a friend next week. It is going to be a blood bath, since the finishings of his future home are really badly executed, and for this we are refining a battle plan and sharpening the blades for the final showdown with the construction company. This means allocating time for it, and sadly giving up that visit in Brussels.

What happened in the last days? Brief summary (with pictures):

Jean-Marie Tong, an immensely wise roofer from Liège came for two days, starting from Thursday, and stayed with us in order to assist in the assignment of the pavilions' design.
Jean-Marie explaining the slates:
Noè emulating with success!

Gone Jean-Marie, on Saturday came Jakub Ryng from Apollodorus Architect of London for the next assignment, a counter-project for the obnoxious Brugge Station. Yes, the pavilion is not ready yet. That's the style of this school: start an assignment, interrupt it with visits and seminaries, start a second assignment, overlap everything, and work, work, work. Like in a real architecture office!
Jakub giving his introductory presentation on train stations:
And a selection of a few work-in-progress pavilions that Jakub evaluated, giving some advice.
Then, free Sunday. Someone went to Brussels to see the famous flower carpet, others went to the beach and couldn't resist the architectural temptation...
Noe's counter-project for the station of Bruges:

And, to close, this Twitter thread that came under my sight today. This is exactly the reason why everyone should take a Summer School of Architecture, even if you are not an architect!
Posted: 14/08/2022 19:24 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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