OK guys, check the hour this post has been made: it says it all.
For who is not so shrewd to get the reason why, let's give a quick recap (quick mostly because I'm about to faint, I'll publish on Saturday morning becauszZzZz...).
The available days are almost over and we are working over the clock with quite a vigour, here in our base at Kasteel Bellem, close to Aalter, for the Summer School of Architecture in Bruges, Belgium.
This is why, as already anticipated in the last post, I am posting every now and then when the circumstances command so (else it would be mostly a «we're just working» refrain).

Today, Friday 19 August 2022, 26th day of Summer School was the turn of
Samuel Hughes to impersonate the role of visiting tutor, and indeed an occasion to introduce you this brilliant academic and scholar, a theorist and prolific writer. He held a lecture on the theme of "pastiche" in Architecture, that is, the use of traditional architectural language in relation to falsification and honesty, technique, history, evolution of style...

So, we see here the outstanding Samuel explaining with clarity his ideas (with which I totally agree):

The beginning of the presentation
A moment of the argumentation
...then, rushing as madmen to our drawings as soon as the lecture finishes.
Samuel stayed for the rest of the day, giving advice and feedback to us students over the most diverse array of matters, then he departed again. Brief but pleasant!
By the way, have I already told you that also Leon Krier will not be visiting us? There start to be a bit too many defections, considering that Leon Krier was THE reason I subscribed to this edition of EEAB! Amen,

You will probably be curious to see how the work are going...
Now I have to leave, and go to the office for some urgent work (because I have plenty of time to dedicate to everything, yeee!). So, thank you for the attention and see you to the next blog post, that probably will be from the afterlife.
Samuel sent this article, as a write-up of the talk he gave. Have a nice read.

In praise of pastiche
Posted: 20/08/2022 02:58 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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