As previously said, the Summer School of Bruges ended on the 25th of August. And this means that I have to make up for the delay! I'll blog "as if", from my house in Gent. Today I'll tell you of the great work we did for the final exhibition on the 24th of August.
There was literally no time for anything else than work-eat-sleep routine for several days, that's why I didn't have the chance to blog you the amazing time we had. Then as soon as I came back home, there was a list of urgent things to do (like my garden becoming a jungle in the meantime). I feel compelled to end this hiatus, so here we are again with this second-last post. Then I'll write a follow-up as conclusion of the experience, but give me time! I am back to the usual routine, the vacation is over.
And so we have finally reached the catharsis; the day of the final presentation has come and the welcome party in de Castle of Bellem or Mariahoveis ready to start! I finished my work at 06:30 of the same day, while some of the mates didn't sleep at all! In zombie-mode we started the placement of the work pieces, catering and buffet at 09:00, with the guests expected to arrive later on.

A great excitement permeated the EEAB students' team, as guests and juri started to stream in such an unexpected number, also thanks to the relentless PR work of Melissa, that advertised the party high and low.
After solving that problem of the coffee and tea dispensers lacking of the internal pumping system to do their job —impairing the whole ceremony!— the critical mass of guests was reached, the zero hour hit, and...the presentation started!

The jury was composed by: Robert Adam, Colum and Anne-Catherine Mulhern, Mieke Bosse and Pieter Drijver, Christophe Mahy, Jean-Marie Tong, Mathias Delrue, Peter and Regine Van Cronenburg, Nicholas Boys-Smith, and the day was subdivided as follows: first, presentation of the counterproject assignment along with other assorted drawings; then gargantuan lunch in the orangerie of the castle and, to finish, digestive walk in the park, while reviewing the boards of the pavilion assignment scattered around in their proper locations.

A very satisfied Nadia, who really deserved a success like this!

 The presentation goes on and on, until everyone has finished...

...and now is lunch time!


(I mean...the taym of launch!)

The Orangerie is suitable for every kind of event!

And after the lunch...everyone strolling in the park.


Back to the orangery to drink a couple glasses more and end the welcome party!

A real success for everyone: for Nadia and Noè, the EEAB, older and younger students, professionals and their network of contacts, the owners of the castle, the jury and all the guests! But most of all, for Traditional Architecture, of course.
But it's not over! The Round Table of Architecture has to make some new knights!
Sir Johan II!
Dame Melissa!
Sir Maxime II!
So the finest day ends. Castle Bellem gets quiet again, with the usual ducks' quacking and the rustle of the foliage.
Gone the guests and cleaned up the rooms, also the students start to sadly leave the place. Within the end of the day the Castle hosts no guests.
But a deep trace of the experience remains, as everyone got galvanized by the intensive training, networking, exchange and friendship involved in all this.
To conclude the experience, I'll write a follow-up post as final chapter of these chronicles of the
glorious Architecture Summer School, which took place in the almighty free city of Bruges, Year of the Lord MMXXII!

Posted: 27/08/2022 21:47 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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