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Welcome back at our evening posting about the main event in the whole mighty County of Flanders during the summer of the Year of the Lord 2022, where 15 enthusiasts gathered to share and learn about Traditional Architecture.
After a night of rest, in the morning, I had proof that the kitchen is definitely underdimensioned for this amount of people at the rush hours: can you imagine contending a few square meters and two pans, wiggling in the crowd while eggs were frying, tea boiling, coffee spilling, french being spoken and so on?? Let's not talk about lunchtime, in which I received 3 work calls straight in a row and was reduced gulping a few bites in a nano-second while the activities were about to restart after the break.
Quite a stimulating day, today, indeed!
We had some talks with Noé and Joseph about the relationship between beauty and the art of building: the ornament, seen in some interesting perspectives through a juridical lens, and its absence in the modernistic approach. An attempt to define the liquid concept of beauty that permeates the contemporary world and grab onto a few guiding principles, among which is the coherence of the architectural artifact.
Following, a little unscheduled debate on which is more honest between ancient Greek and Roman architecture (ended up in a voting with a high percentage of abstained, and I care about telling you that I voted Romans).
The rest of the day was about geometrical drawing. A trauma for me, who passed the middle and high school (but notably NOT the time of the architecture university!) drawing geometries with the compass and realized I do not remember a bloody damn anymore! Nowadays you sit at the PC, select 'polygon' from the menu, and draw it in a virtual space. Stomme ik!
So, yes, how was the pentagon...wait a second, ah got it! (images of the textbook of the middleschool sliding in my mind)
But then, came! THE ARCH! You probably remember that I have a morbidity for brick arches since that time that I was pestering your timeline on Twitter with my first model...angel
... so we had a chance to draw a three-centered arch, and of course I frantically scribbled two on my tiny sketchbook...

And that is everything for today. I'm outraged for my neglect of geometrical drawing and I promise that I will get back on track exactly as a piano player goes back to his keyboard after a long break, you know the feeling. I'm going to sit in the armchair reading one of those amazing books they have provided us. Tomorrow will be a very busy day, finally entering into action and going to Bruges, but this is all that I'm allowed to say, they don't want me to spoil it...
Posted: 26/07/2022 19:35 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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