—DAY IV & V—

On Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th we had the pleasure to be tutored by Pedro Palazzo, architect, researcher and historian. A very insightful experience on every layer: his diagramatic-conversational approach to urbanism is very effective in providing the basics for the understanding of the urban form at various scales. This applies above all to students and appraisers who want to lay solid bases for further research.
During the two days, organically to the theoretical discourse, we had architectural strolls during which we students took an incredible amount of sketches, measurements and impressions, discussing the details of the buildings, the scale and features of the urban spaces and so on; all information that is conveyed by the built environment and that we can each time come in contact with.
Indeed a very stimulating training, from an erudite scholar with a certain sense of humour, one that I recommend to follow on
his website.

I include a gallery of the pictures of these two days, that you can find here below.

We've also been to one of my favorite places, the Begijnhof Ten Wijngaerde, which I already visited many times. For this, I decided to split the galleries in two, dedicating a small section specifically to this place. The importance of this kind of building blocks was already broadly explained by our beloved Wrath Of Gnon in one of his great threads on Twitter...

Now Pedro has left us, with our great dismay. And I also received the dire news that Hugh Kavanaugh won't be able to reach us, which makes me sad since I was waiting for his moment.
Nothing to do about that, just keep going with our workshops of the summer school, which it's intense enough to provide new stimuli.
Let's close for today with:
...a clip of the guys surveying...
...and with a saying:
«In 't schip met roer en mast logiest voor goeden gast»
(in the ship with oar and mast lodges the good guy)
Post Scriptum

In all this I even managed to get back to Gent to quickly water my garden, solve some work-related matter, and unearthen some young potatos to bring back here to Castle Bellem, along with other veggies that I picked, since there's nobody at home to eat them. Don't waste food, guys!
Posted: 28/07/2022 23:11 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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