Hello again friends, with the periodic blog from the Château Bellem!
As we did before with Pedro Palazzo, we condense the experiences of the two-days long intervention of our guest mentor in one post. This time is the turn of Conor Lynch, one that I was waiting with impatience! He is an architectural assistant at ADAM Architecture, in the UK, and makes fantastic hand drawings and paintings. He came to provide us useful advice over the making of our drawings, showing his ones in detail, explaining the way he works and, most importantly, the environment in which he moves. He's a very nice guy, very sociable and prone to communication, always with the characteristic British aplomb, AND a lot of pictures of his Jeep on the phone.
During these two days we had a seminary, a drawing correction session on our current works, and a new en-plain-air (or in situ, as we want to stop using French for a bloody second) drawing session on a brige in the center of Bruges. From there, other than blocking the traffic, we could have a nice view of the Spiegelrei, the canal that is abruptly interrupted by the charming Jan van Eyckplein, and the nearby streets.
So, I think that after this brief explanation there is nothing else to do than throwing at you a hailstorm of pictures:

Day 1:
[mention of the day: Peter, who fell in the lake of the park of the Castle while playing hide and seek.]
Day 2: finish the session, we had some casual "detail" sketching in the Markt main square.

We close the day with a taco dinner prepared by the girls (ah, the French touch) and with Alex from Switzerland and me biking again all the way from Bruges, BUT this time without incidents!
Tomorrow there will be a visit at the main palace here (we are lodged in the dépendance), but I'm not sure if I could take pictures, after all it's the house of some people and perhaps it won't be a good idea. Conor will be hanging around and partecipate in the visit as well, and we're happy with that, especially now that we made some friendship in the evening while playing stupid games with the guys.
[mention of the day: Peter again, who squandered my perfect game due to a mistake he made]
Posted: 05/08/2022 20:47 — Author(s): Polemicarc


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