I'm back, and very much alive, despite everything!
I know, I know, I'm very late with the blogging, it's a week in which I haven't written a line and it's a pity.
The Summer School of Bruges ended on the 25th of August. And this means that I have to make up for the delay! I'll blog "as if", from my house in Gent, telling you about
Nicholas Boys-Smith and his Create Streets. Then, I'll tell you of the great work we did for the final exhibition on the 24th of August, but this is for another post.
There was literally no time for anything else than work-eat-sleep routine for several days, that's why I didn't have the chance to blog you the amazing time we had. I feel compelled to end this hiatus, so here we are again with this and the next post. Then I'll write a follow-up as conclusion of the experience, but give me time! I am back to the usual routine, the vacation is over.

The last weekend of the Summer School has come, and we are already in full speed mode for the completion of all the assignments that —I remind you— were: the floral tile, the drawing en plein air of the Burg and/or Sint-Annarei, the thematic pavilion in the park of the Kasteel, and the counterproposal for the square of the Central Station of Brugge.
The amount of time spent working at the table made the events to report quite flat, but there is still much I can tell you!

On Saturday some of us went to the Horta Museum in Brussels. A place that everyone should visit! Picture gallery follows...


Someone even had time to go to Antwerpen for a day (I didn't, was too busy!). Here's a quick video:

We were waiting for the visit on Sunday of Nicholas Boys-Smith, the founder of Create Streets, to have a talk around the concept of beautiful places. This was a pleasant and refreshing break in the work, indeed reassuring on the fact that is possible to develop nice streets, buildings and whole neighbourhoods, according to the principles of the 15-minute city displayed in the cover video of their Youtube channel.
Nicholas, a very dynamic Englishman, is a also a very busy man, often taken by conference calls, social network activity and phonecalls. Nevertheless he found the time to pass by to Kasteel Mariahove in Bellem, gave a very interesting presentation, and then stayed over three days during which he chatted with many of the students, asking about the respective countries, professional activity, and establishing a direct link with us.
 For those who are interested in deepening the aspect of positive qualities that make places beautiful, those are very clearly synthesized in the PDF included in the dropdown box here —which is the backbone of the presentation Nicholas gave. I learnt some precious piece of information, and I promise to follow more closely the activity of Create Streets, something that up to now rarely crossed my Twitter timeline.

Nicholas starting his presentation with a few interesting figures.
The activity of Create Streets is very well structured, it seems!

After the lecture we kept on working, and working and working until late night for the days to come. But at a certain moment in the afternoon, unexpectedly, the SCALAs showed up at the door, and as members of the jury panel they were here to stay! The delivery of the assignments was expected to be on Tuesday night, so while Nicholas went to dinner with them in Bruges, we (guess what!) kept on drawing!
At the end of the marathon the situation was like this:
Noe setting up the forest of tripods.
The forest getting "populated".
...and then we jump directly to the final day of presentation, jury, and welcome party!
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