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Valeria Mininni #landscape#territory#society
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Eric Ravilious - Buscot Park - 1938

What is meant by "periurbanity", and in what context does this expression take on meaning?
The reasoning develops on what is defined by landscape architects as the "peri-urban belt", and which normal people call "periphery". The intuition that a peripheral environment is also inhabited by a peripheral society —that is, on the margins— is confirmed by the generic empirical experience that each of us can have in walking through some boundless non-lieu. Periphery as a physical place and as a place subjected to the choices of the center, takes on a social meaning in this sense. Peripheral is therefore a citizen forced into an interstitial life as an object between subjects, unable to find connection with his environment, which is also peripheral, as the result of processes beyond his control.
In the remote past this problem did not exist as societies and life were more on a human scale: it is since the industrial society has transformed itself into a mass society, and has finally found a global dimension, that alienation and dehumanization —by itself to some extent already present — have spread in the way mentioned in today's quote.
With the term "periurban", architects and urban planners, landscape architects and technicians of the sector try to eliminate the negative connotations of the term "peripheral", as if to say that one can live a little outside the city without being a lumpen locked like a chicken into an Unitè d'Habitation.
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